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The CWR team has conducted a number of research projects with classroom teachers and university instructors. The primary goal of this work has been to better understand the specific challenges and possibilities that students exeprience when reading and evaluating web sites.

Supporting Source Work in Singapore Social Studies Classrooms: This project examines how pre-service and in-service teachers and secondary school students use the CWR to evaluate and examine sources of information on the Internet.

Dialogue across religious differences: This project explores the question: In what ways do students come to more deeply understand and value different religious frameworks that students across religious perspectives and cultural contexts use for their own sense-making?

Examining "The Numbers" about Social Class and Poverty: This project examined how undergraduate preservice teachers analyzed quantitative data (statistical information, numbers, percentages, words about number/quantity) about social class presented in various websites.

Medical DNA testing: This project focused on the ways ninth-graders explored the personal and societal implications of DNA testing, including the potential abuses of DNA testing in politics. 

Examining conspiracy theories about 9/11: This project examined how a group of ninth-grade graders evaluated the credibility of a complicated Internet video about the September 11 attacks.

What is college? And, how do I get there?: This project explored how Black youth in an after-school community literacy program evaluated a range of college and university websites to determine whether or not these institutions would support their cultural identities and help them succeed if they attended these institutions.

Taiwan: Cross Straights Relations: This project investigated how ninth-grade students in an international school in East Asia  determined the reliability and relevance of Web sites, evaluated claims and supporting evidence of Web sites, and considered how their own beliefs and perspectives shaped their understandings during an inquiry-based social studies unit on “Contemporary Asian Challenges.”

Holocaust Denial: This project considered how students in a multi-grade high school English class at an alternative public high school read and evaluated Web sites as they conducted research on contemporary genocides, hate groups, and Holocaust denial as part of a Holocaust Literature course.

Globalization and Poverty: This project investigated how undergraduate preservice social studies teachers investigated poverty issues  across global and local contexts.


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