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CWR-Related Publications CWR-Related Publications

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Additional publications related to critical reading and new literacies Additional publications related to critical reading and new literacies

Damico, J.S., Baildon, M., & Greenstone, D. (2010). Examining how historical agency works in children’s literature. Social Studies Research and Practice.5(1), 1-12. Full text available at: http://www.socstrpr.org/files/Vol%205/Issue%201%20-%20Spring,%202010/Research/5.1.2.pdf.  

Damico, J.S. & Baildon, M., Lowenstein, K. (2008). Did the bombs just fall from the sky?: Examining agency in a text set of World War II children’s literature. Social Studies Research and Practice, 3(3). Full text available at: http://www.socstrpr.org/files/Vol%203/Issue%203%20-%20Winter,%202008/Practice/3.3.4.pdf

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